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Free Pension Tracing

Worked at a few companies throughout your career? Leave it to us, we'll track down your existing pensions and request current transfer valuations for analysis. 

Free Pension Review

One of our UK Qualified Pension Transfer Specialists will walk through your
specific situation and then discuss the best option for you either face-to-face or over the phone 

The Complete Service for Transferring your Private Pension out of the UK

Please include your international code. Our initial call is simply to verify that you are a non UK resident.


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Tax Free Lump Sum 
Get access to 30% of the value of your pension fund as a tax free cash payment.

Eliminate All UK Taxes
Ensure that the entire remaining pension fund is passed to your beneficiaries, tax free.

Access Your Pension at 55
You don't have to wait until 65. You can start taking an income from your pension fund from 55 years of age.

Get a FREE QROPS pension review from one of our UK qualified Financial Advisers. 

Avoid the Lifetime Allowance Cap 
Currently in the UK the lifetime allowance is £1.25 million and this will be reduced to £1 million next year. Transfer to a QROPS and any growth in the value of the QROPS above the lifetime allowance will not be subject to 25% or 55% lifetime allowance excess tax charge. 

Protect your pension with a QROPS & secure a higher retirement income!

Expert Tax & Financial Advice for Expats

Dr John Heptonstall

"I am happy to have an opportunity to say how very satisfied I am with the services provided by Forth Capital and particularly by my personal Financial Advisor, Dean Elliott."

"My objective was to consolidate my UK pensions into off-shore structures for long-term, tax efficient growth. My Financial Advisor gave me good advice on the range of options and choice of providers available, along with his view on all of them. "

Mr Ian Burnett

What Happens Next?

Submit your contact details via the form at the top of the page to find out more about how to transfer your UK pensions. A
 Forth Capital pensions transfer specialist will then contact you to discuss your situation and establish how we can help. 

Please be advised you are guaranteed to receive impartial advice with no obligation on your part, and confidentiality is always assured. The pension specialist will also give you the best advice for your unique situation and not just tell you about the benefits, but also any potential pitfalls you should consider regarding pension transfers.

Why Choose Us

At Forth Capital , we're experts in tax planning,  independent investment advice, wealth preservation and asset management.

With a team of highly experienced UK qualified Tax and Financial Advisers, we're able to meet with you either face-to-face or over the phone to discuss your specific requirements, be it International Tax advice, Pension Transfers, Retirement Planning, Savings or Offshore Investments

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